Cloaking And/Or Sneaky Redirects Penalty Recovery Service


As far as Google is concerned, cloaking is a very serious matter. It is seen to be a form of trickery that causes negative impacts to the user experience and is something that will be punished. When the ‘manual actions’ report of your Google Search Console shows a notification of this ilk, you must not ignore it. Sadly, while your site is hit by this issue, your search engine ranking will be damaged. Even if it was an honest mistake, getting the issue fixed ASAP is the only solution.

Both cloaking and sneaky redirects utilise the idea of presenting search engine bots with a different experience to the user. This is why they are unambiguously in violation of the Google terms. As with many violations, they can be ‘site-wide matches’ or ‘partial matches’. This depends whether the issue impacts your entire site or just a section of it. In either scenario, professional recovery jobs are the ideal solution.

How long does a recovery take?

The process of cleaning your site can be influenced by a number of factors. Our experts will need to analyse your Analytics, Google Search Console, and CMS. FTP and Dbase access will also be required as this is a serious issue that requires a thorough approach. Once completed, though, it only takes the Google Reconsideration Requests department around one week to confirm that the penalty has been lifted.

What does the process involve?

There are no set guidelines on how to get the penalty removed, although Google’s webmaster guidelines offer pointers. In most cases, though, it’s a process that includes several crucial stages. Moreover, the htaccess, CMS, and Javascript files all need to be clear of redirects before the penalty is lifted.

Using the Fetch tool within the Google Search Console highlights the areas that need addressing. Once this has been done, it’s necessary to check each item to ensure that users are receiving the same content as the bots. Any violations must be updated or deleted. Given the negative impacts that some actions will have on the overall SEO strategy, doing this without the expertise is not a solution.

It’s equally important to check that links are sending users to websites they don’t need to visit. This is why checking the code as well as the visible elements is key, thus making it a job for the experts. Our team are more than happy to help.

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