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Effective marketing campaign for eCommerce store of fashion clothes. Under NDA. Enormous number of technical issues on 120000 pages website. After completion of technical audit we turned on implementation for better tune of search results representation. Massive improvements on internal linking structure revealed new plateau of organic presense for this ecommerce brand which is finally resulted in increasing number of online transactions. Want + ~10-15% additional conversions to your ecommerce website? add Buy before product name on product page and Online after product name, then force to index it.. Easy.

Ability to grow fast is avaliable if you have solid website structure silos. Nowadays you need to have great internal linking system in place.

First we linked from lowest sub-nodes of website – one by one in chain until we reached Home page. With anchor texts that we think are suited best to have quick wins. 

Additional layer of inner links is horizonztal-level interlinking for strenghening category level in circle.


– content duplicates

– over-optimization issues

– poor structure design

– severe pagespeed issues

– orphaned pages with traffic and no internal links

– excessive number of links

Main issues that were holding website were eliminated within couple months of project start, thanks to client developers team. 3+x times growth in organic traffic and massive increase in online transactions (as we more than doubled number of 1-3 rankings for many keywords)


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Organic traffic growth
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Increase in online transactions

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