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Website hacks are among the biggest fears of any site owner. However, compromised security and data protection aren’t the only sources of concern. Unfortunately, this situation is unlikely to go unnoticed by Google, and they will react by stamping a hacked site penalty on your site. When you see this message in the Google Search Console, repairing the damage isn’t only crucial for the site itself. It’s equally vital in your bid to restore good search engine visibility.

have added content that actively attacks your SEO strategy. There are several ways to fight back, but a quick response is vital.

Think about the website first.

This is the one problem where repairing the SEO damage can wait for at least a little longer. First and foremost, you must restore the safety of your website. The simple jobs like changing passwords and checking that payment gateways haven’t been directed are essential. If this means taking the site offline while you fix the backend, so be it.

Removing the Google penalty.

A hack can spell disaster for your website’s SEO because a lot of data can be compromised by those malicious actions. Checking Google’s guide for hacked websites will provide pointers as you look to regain control from the third party.

It’s important to check that indexed pages haven’t been compromised by damaging content. This will usually take the form of links to fake replica clothes and/or adult content. Removing those elements is vital, but it’s also important to do the clean up in the right manner. Otherwise, you could accidentally undo a lot of the good work that the website has previously done on the SEO front.

Allowing a professional to help.

Hacks are obviously very serious situations to consider. This importance, combined with the stress that they bring, means that it’s usually best to acquire the help of a pro. Not least when you take the potential damage, you could cause by handling it yourself. If nothing else, it will give you a sense of emotional security too.

Once granted access to your Google Search Control, Analytics, and FTP, we can get to work. Once we’ve removed all fingerprints of the attack, we’ll send the site to Google’s Reconsideration Request team. Assuming they approve the case, your site can go back to gaining the traffic deserves.

Depending on the nature of the case, we may even utilise a backup of the site to remove those damages. One way or another, the protection and search engine visibility will be restored in no time.

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