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Even web users with minimal experience can appreciate the importance of keywords in the bid for a good Google ranking. Unfortunately, if you are deemed to use them in an unnaturally excessive manner, the website will be punished. As a website owner, you will be alerted about this situation in the ‘manual actions’ part of your site’s Google Search Control. So, if your website has witnessed a sudden drop in traffic, this is likely to be the main reason.

Keyword stuffing is arguably less serious than some of the other issues that you could encounter. Unfortunately, the impact of those penalties can be just as damaging on your search engine visibility. In addition to excessive keywords, Google frowns upon hidden text techniques too. Whichever violation you’ve committed, a quick response is vital. We’re here to help.

Fixing the keyword stuffing problem.

Once notified about the problem, you’ll know whether it’s an issue on one part of the site or the whole thing. This is because the manual penalty update will indicate whether it’s a ‘partial’ or ‘site-wide’ match. This provides some clarity straight away, and the Google webmaster guidelines will provide even more insight.

The Google Fetch tool highlights where the problems lie, but you still need to identify the reasons you’ve been punished. Hidden text is a major problem. As such, comparing content that appears on the crawler to what the user sees is vital. Another issue can stem from hiding text by choosing the same colour as the page background.

Fixing the problems with keyword stuffing is a little more complex. Aside from checking repeated words within the body text paragraphs, you may need to look at the CMS keyword utilisation. The alt text and <title> tags have a crucial role to play. However, there’s a fine line between removing the problem and losing all emphasis on the keywords. Losing all SEO present is the last thing you need.

We’re here to help.

Grasping the concept of removing this problem isn’t difficult. However, putting it into practice is something that requires a professional touch. With access to Google Search Console and Analytics, we can quickly get to repairing the damage you’ve caused while offering tips on how to avoid future episodes.

Upon completion, we’ll send your site off for a Reconsiderations Request. If granted, Google will remove the penalty within the week. Perfect.

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