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Link audits are the process of checking all the backlinks coming into your website and ensuring they’re from genuine and authoritative sources. Site owners can get penalties from Google if they have lots of toxic or dangerous backlinks, and that has become somewhat of a tactic for rival firms. As people have little control over the links leading to their sites, it’s possible for competitors to induce penalties without the website owner identifying their tactics.

Your SEO actions are divorced from reality?

The last thing any business needs is for their site to disappear from Google’s search listings. That could cost you a small fortune because it would mean your SEO efforts and spending become worthless.

While other companies can often create toxic backlinks to your site when attempting to beat their competition, most of the issues arise from outdated techniques employed by marketing agencies and link building specialists. If somebody lit the fuse it will cause explosion but how to act safely?

So, a link audit will help you to gain a better perspective on the situation and understand the threats your website faces right now. Our service will assist you in maintaining healthy and organic Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Rankings. There is a way still to hit undo if you took wrong route in SEO strategy but with some aftermath.

What is included in backlink audit – step by step?

With our service, we perform ongoing SEO link audits, and we remove or risky links via the Google Disavow Tool. Failure to remain vigilant and proactive in the disavowal of dodgy links can lead to visibility problems, and that’s something our team of experts will help your company to avoid.

We look for:

Duplicated links
Dead links
Links pointing to 404 pages

That involves:

Assessing both URLs and anchor text
Gathering more than 30 metrics for each link
100% manual information audit

The report contains:

Details on the metrics for each link
Whether or not the content is unique
If the content was posted by a web scraper
Whether or not the link is high quality
If the link placement is natural
A risk rating for each link

This process will ensure that Google no longer counts the hazardous, toxic, or unnatural links to your website. That removes the chances of getting penalties, and it means you can move forward with peace of mind.

In 100% cases after completing link audit and disavowing all unnatural links which can be treated as toxic.

We understand that it is crucial for business to change fast and adapt your digital assets to environment changes and will use best on the field tools to. With reports that you will get it would be easy to restore backlinks from old marketing campaigns that are poiting to 404 page and not passing link power to targeted page.

Why hire IMPromo for link audit of your website?

Firstly, we ensure all clients that our backlink rating service is original and unique. You will not find other companies offering the same methods as we developed this system using years of expertise and experience. We have the respected LinkResearchTools (LRT) Certified Professional status, and that means IMPromo gets recognized as high-end experts in the field.

We offer a transparent policy to avoid any confusion, and our team will always meet and exceed the expectations of clients. With our backlink ratings report, you can keep a close eye on the ratings for each website linking to yours. So, you’ll never have to stress about penalties again!

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