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Is your website suffering due to a Google penalty, or you suspect it might be? If you’ve had a sudden drop in traffic, it could be due to Google penalising you. Fortunately, if you’re experiencing the ill effects of a punishment from Google, it’s not the end of the world. You can correct things and recover from your penalty so that you can improve your site’s position in search results. Read ultimate guide to Google Penalties recovery in our blog.

Not everyone is a natural rule-follower in life, but there are times when following the rules is essential. You need to take note of the guidelines Google sets out if you want your website to be successful and avoid making it look untrustworthy. Unfortunately, even when you have been trying your best to follow the rules, they can change on you. Google’s updates can shift the goalposts so that you have to rush to fix anything they have now deemed unacceptable. There are also mistakes you might make that you don’t realise you shouldn’t be doing, or you could be suffering because of others’ actions, such as bad links pointing towards your site.

This guide will help you understand what types of penalty you might receive from Google and how we can help your website to recover from them. We can help you identify anything that could have caused your traffic to suddenly slow down and fix it for you. Our experts are certified by wide-known link analysis company linkresearchtools and granted with a status LRT Certified Pro professional, based on this we offer Google Penalty Recovery Service.

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Types of Google penalties

There are a few ways your website might feel the impact of a penalty from Google. Sometimes it might be caused by a new algorithm implemented by Google, which they put in place every few years. When Google introduces a new algorithm, there are often new rules to follow along with it. They aim to improve website quality and prevent poor websites and spam from ranking highly in search results. It might mean that you need to rush to make corrections to your website to fit the new rules.

Some people might say that algorithmic Google penalties are no longer a problem after Google’s Penguin 4.0 update, but others have evidence that they still exist. An algorithmic penalty might be:

  • Link-based: occurring with Penguin 1.0 to 4.0, these can happen due to bad inbound links or spammy anchor text
  • Content-based: Panda 1.0 to 4.2 can cause issues if your website has content deemed to be spam – it might be stolen, duplicated across your site or perhaps just isn’t relevant to your site and your visitors

The other type of penalty your website might receive is a manual penalty. Rather than being automatically applied to your site, these are handed out when Google spots you doing something they don’t like. This includes a range of behaviours they disapprove of, including unnatural incoming and outgoing links, content that’s spammy or lacks substance, keyword stuffing, and cloaking.

How to check for algorithmic penalties?

If your site has an algorithmic penalty, there is no way to check for any kind of error message. You need to work out if you might have received a penalty by taking a close look at your traffic and SEO ranking. It’s usually not too difficult to see if your site might have been affected because changes can be pretty dramatic. If you were once on the first page of search results for your targeted keyword and you’re now several pages back after just a few days, it’s likely you have been hit by an algorithmic penalty. Here’s what you can look at to make sure:

  1. Check Google Analytics for organic search results to see if your SEO position has dropped significantly
  2. Look at the Impressions/Clicks section on the Google Search Console to see if you have experienced lower traffic
  3. Use Google to search for your domain (use the search term “site:yourdomain”) – if there are no results, your site has likely been banned
Consider contact us regarding complete link audit service if feel that your digital asset is requiring it.

If you have been given a manual penalty by Google, it will usually be one of these things:

Unnatural links can either by inbound links to your site from elsewhere or outbound links hosted on your website. Both can have an impact on your site, although it can feel more difficult to control inbound links. If Google Search Console shows that you have either one of these issues, we can help you to correct it. A professional service is best to help you get rid of unnatural links to your site if you want to avoid causing further damage. If you have unnatural links to or from your site, it could be because you’re buying them, which you should stop doing. We use our expert knowledge to spot bad links and correct them.

Google defines user-generated spam as content on your website created by your visitors or users that they define as spam. This might come from forums, comment sections and other parts of your website where you allow people to contribute their own content. You can improve the user-generated content on your site by having better control and vetting for certain sections. However, this can be difficult for busy sites, and you might not know what’s bad content and what’s good. We can help you separate the bad from the good and prevent more spam from appearing on your site.

If someone has hacked your website, it can be a pretty big security issue. Seeing the message that someone has hacked some or all of the pages on your site can cause you to panic, but the problem can be fixed. A hacker can do things like uploading files or making changes to existing files on your site. Someone else controlling your site presents security problems for you and also negatively affects your site’s SEO. Solving the problem can be tricky, but with our professional help, you can get control of your website back.

Following Google’s guidelines on setting up your website is essential if you want your site to rank well. While some penalties might not be entirely your fault, if you see the pure spam action marked for your site, it’s likely because of something you have done. If you don’t pay attention to the rules, it’s easy to get everything wrong. Alternatively, you might be trying your luck to see what you can get away with. But if your site has been pulled up for spam, you need to correct the errors you have made. If you need greater expertise or you don’t have the time, our resolution service can repair your site for you.

Structured data markup can help you to improve your SEO. However, if you don’t use it correctly, it can get marked as being spammy. This penalty is often handed to new websites, but anyone could find that it’s affecting their site if they use structured data markup. You can make sure that you follow Google’s guidelines by testing with their Structured Data Testing Tool. Our structured spammy markup penalty recovery service can help you to identify any potential issues and set them straight so that your site is in compliance with the rules.

Keyword stuffing is when you put lots of keywords onto a page to try to get it to rank higher in search engines. This can often make your content unreadable or spammy and of no value to your visitors. Keyword stuffing might include things like lists of phone numbers of place names or repeating the same words or phrases again and again. Hidden text or links, using methods like hiding text behind an image or colouring it the same shade as the background, is also bad practice. If you have been penalised for these methods, we can correct the issue for you and make sure your site only has quality content.

Thin content is content that doesn’t provide enough information and likely isn’t particularly valuable to the people who visit your website. It might be that you don’t have a lot of text on a page, or you might have low-quality content that has been automatically generated or is poorly written. To fix this issue, it’s important to get rid of any poor content, and replace it with unique, quality content where relevant. Working out the exact reasons you might have received this penalty and how to fix it can be difficult, though. If you use our professional service, you can be sure we will identify what’s wrong and implement solutions.

When people click on links for your website, whether internal or external, they should land on the page they expect to find. If they end up on a different page or are redirected elsewhere, they won’t be happy. Google frowns on this behaviour and gives penalties for websites engaging in it. Removing and redirects and making sure that you’re honest in advertisements and other places where you link to your site is essential. You can use the Google Search Console and the Fetch as Google tool to help you. However, our professional services can make it easier to lift this penalty.

When Google gives websites penalties, they try to be specific about where spam can be found on the site. However, sometimes they might find a number of issues with spam and so deem the whole service to be spammy. If your site has the spammy freehosts action applied to it, it might mean you need to remove spam accounts from your service and make sure your site isn’t being abused. Google provides tips to help you avoid this situation, but you can still find it hard to do it yourself. Try our service to make it quicker and easier.

How we can help - and what you need to do

If you have discovered that you have been hit by a Google penalty, we can help you solve your problem. You don’t want to leave it as it is because it will mean your website performs poorly in search results or perhaps doesn’t even show up at all. We can address the different manual penalties in the most appropriate ways to restore the quality and respectability of your website.

To help you resolve any issues with Google penalties, we will need some things from you. This often means access to your Google Search Console account, as well as some additional information. For some services, we might require log-in information for your CMS or database or the details of any changes you have made to code or content on your site. With this information, we are about to make any important changes that need to be made, then submit a Google Reconsideration Request to get the penalty removed.

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