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Nothing frustrates internet users quite like spam content. We can accept content that has clearly been influenced by monetisation, but pure spam is enough to leave us tearing our hair out. Unsurprisingly, Google doesn’t like it when you ruin the user experience. If you are deemed guilty of posting spam, a penalty will be placed on your site, stopping it from gaining a good SEO ranking.

Spam content takes many forms, including automated posts and cloaking. Once hit with a penalty, the only way you’ll remove it is by actively solving the issue. That’s where we can help.

Think about the user.

There are occasions where spam content is consciously posted. However, it’s probably more likely that you’ve simply fallen into some very basic traps. For example, you may be using automated content from third parties as a way to ensure the site is regularly updated. While frequent posting is important, it’s important to remember that quality beats quantity.

On a similar note, it’s essential that you prioritise the user experience. Many website owners place too much focus on the SEO, forgetting to think about the user. The Google algorithm becomes more advanced with each passing year, however, and is fully committed to its users. If your website can’t match those sentiments, spam will take over.

Overcoming the problem.

Upgrading the quality of your content isn’t always an easy task. Moreover, you may see content that feels very similar on competing sites that haven’t been punished. Unfortunately, the only way to beat the problem is to start viewing content through the eyes of Google. Out experts can do this with optimum efficiency, ensuring your newly updated site avoids the threat of a spammy appearance.

Once the process is complete, we’ll seek approval from Google’s Reconsiderations department. The appeal should take no longer than one week.

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