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Real Estate Agency in Europe? Under NDA. It is huge and heavy task to get great rankings in a highly competitive market in some big European country. But it is still doable if we pull the right strings to achieve awesome results. Content marketing campaign designed for client is including high-quality infographics and travel blog outreach. Before we started massive content marketing campaign which took us about 8 months to deliver great results our team is performed complete technical audit for client’s digital asset to identify all tech issues that must be resolved inorder to rank higher. Next step was to perform complete backlink audit you can read about it in this case study.

Started with complete technical website audit that took us about 3 weeks to complete. Client website pages count is about 60000 pages and some of these pages like a rocks that prevent website from ranking better.

Most severe issues listed below:

– duplicates of all types – title, descriptions, even duplicate pages in whole website structure.

– incorrect use of canonicals which is caused more robot hops

– too many internal links on each page of website ( widget with links )

– broken pages ( a lot of them due to structure issues )

– thin content pages ( parts of complete pages which are not set to noindex , nofollow )

– keyword cannibalization due to incorrect optimization strategy (different pages were optimized for same set of keywords)


After brief backlink profile audit at project start we identified some severe issues that were holding website from ranking. It was right decision to perform a complete link audit on client website. Previous SEO team used some sneaky tactics and ruined rankings of website in competitive landscape.

Redirects, spam networks, spammy directories, low quality websites, PBNs – each backlink that is pointing to website was reviewed and rated.

Such detailed approach in research granted us an ability to disavow all backlinks that may possibly have negative impact on website rankings.

Our team is cleaned up whole backlink profile and forced indexation process for faster search engine reaction.

As a result we had 80% increase in organic traffic after complete backlink profile cleanup.

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