Spammy Structured Markup Penalty Recovery Service


When done right, the structured data markup of your website can work wonders for organic search engine presence and traffic. When used incorrectly, though, Google will pick this up as spam. Whether it’s a conscious effort or genuine accident, a penalty will harm your ranking until the issue is rectified.

You’ll be notified by a message in your Google Search Console under the ‘manual actions’ section. Moreover, this notification will let you know whether it’s a ‘site-wide’ or localised ‘partial’ problem. In either situation, a speedy solution is key. Otherwise, your natural traffic will continue to fade.

A complicated struggle.

It’s not uncommon for guilty parties to feel victimised by Google, especially as their sites may adopt very similar structures to their competitors. While the webmaster guidelines provide suggestions, it’s something that is often handled on a case-to-case basis.

Violations can be linked to content as well as the way certain pages are presented. Essentially, if Google feels that you are marking up irrelevant or misleading content, penalties can be put in place. When we complete a cleanup, we don’t just ensure that the site satisfies those latest guidelines. We also run tests to check that the penalty has the best shot at having the ban lifted. Frankly, this is a

What next?

Once the site’s structured data markup has been corrected, we’ll send the site to Google’s Reconsiderations team. Assuming the request is accepted, the penalty will be lifted within one week. In turn, this will allow you to get back to healthy traffic with immediate impacts.

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