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Advantage of using PPC Ads in your business model

For best results, try our SEO services as well so you get two bites of the cherry. Remember, with our guaranteed ranking or traffic pricing policy, you really do have nothing to lose.

So by all means, do use Google advertising: it’s a quick fix, albeit a potentially costly one depending on the value of your search terms and what you pay for pay per click costs.

What is Pay-Per-Click About ?

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At IMPromo we believe it’s not as simple as that: in fact, we advise that for the majority of sites chasing traffic, a mix of advertising and SEO is likely to be the most successful. If you think of it in physical world terms, there’s nothing unusual about the same business using press releases and keeping a listing in the Yellow Pages at the same time.

1. Keyword Research

Although we concentrate on SEO, IMPromo’s business model is based on smoothing out some of the different pros and cons, meaning that even if you continue using pay per click Google services, you become less reliant on it. It’s all about pay per click management.

2. Competitive analysis

Most firms charge monthly maintenance fees, something that’s a big drawback with SEO campaigns. While SEO can get good results quickly, it’s also a long-term strategy. If your SEO firm isn’t getting you in the rankings, that can also make it an expensive strategy if you are paying monthly fees.

3. Campaign Setup

Instead we charge based on results using your choice of two criteria: getting you in the front page of Google’s results for your chosen search term, or increasing the traffic you get from people who find you through the search term. The latter option means you effectively get some of the benefits of using a pay per click agency: you pay based on how successful the campaign is for your site.

4. High-end analytics

In very simple terms, Google pay per click advertising is great for immediate results that come with a price tag. SEO is more about the long term, but can work out cheaper. Mixing the two is a good way to get the best of both worlds.

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