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Google’s mission statement is simply to help users find the best websites for their specific needs. In many ways, they do not care about your site or its goals. If it feels that the content provided on your site is lacking, there’s a strong chance that a manual penalty will eventually come your way. A notification in the Google Search Console’s ‘manual actions’ report will let you know when this happens. When it does, getting the penalty lifted should be top of your agenda. Until you do, traffic figures will continue to plummet.

Unfortunately, fixing the problem is a lot tougher than identifying it. That’s where our experts can help your business get back to its best. We’ll take care of the problem, advise you on how to avoid future problems, and even file the request for the penalty to be removed. Ours is the comprehensive thin content with little or no added value penalty recovery service that your website deserves.

What is it deemed to be thin content?

The short answer to that question is that it’s any content Google considers to be low quality. Poor spelling and grammar can be a contributing factor, but this is a far bigger issue. In truth, the substance of the content is what truly matters. Automatically generated content, bad blogging, and shallow pages are all examples that could cause damage to your site’s SEO. Essentially, if a visit to the page is seen as a waste of the user’s time, you will fall victim.

Low or thin content can vary massively in terms of range and severity. Therefore, the manual penalty will be broken down into ‘site-wide’ and ‘partial matches’. When the latter occurs, you may only need minor changes. For the former, however, more drastic action may be required.

What does the removal process look like?

In theory, it’s simply a case of ensuring that your website endeavours to give users the experience that they deserve. Copied content, even when not breaking copyright laws, should be the first item for removal. And this includes duplicate pages on your site, that may offer the same content targeted at different locations. On a similar note, doorway pages should be attended to ASAP. It’s also important to focus on pages with backlinks and similar features.

Why should you let a professional handle the task?

The idea of improving the quality of a website’s content is easy to comprehend, but very difficult to put into practice. For starters, it’s always better to have a fresh pair of eyes look at the content. Even if it isn’t a professional, outside support will make a difference.

It’s important to remember that Google doesn’t post specific guidelines. As such, it often takes a professional to realise exactly what’s wrong. Whether it’s removing content or updating it, our experts can analyse every page. Furthermore, we’ll provide the support needed to avoid potential repeats of the problems.

Apart from making the website more visible, our help will actively boost the quality. In turn, both traffic and conversions should be restored. With access to the Google Search Console and Analytics, we can have the job done in a far quicker time than you could ever hope to achieve. More importantly, the results will be phenomenal.

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