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The Google Search Console is a wonderful resource for checking whether your website is currently breaking Google’s guidelines. If your ‘manual actions’ report says that the site is guilty of unnatural links, it can be quite frightening. However, this needn’t bring long-term problems for your business. With our support, getting the penalty lifted isn’t as difficult as you may first fear. In turn, this will enable you to reap the rewards of a strong search engine presence ASAP.

Google doesn’t like unnatural links for several reasons. Ultimately, there are many link building schemes out there that attempt to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithm. Naturally, the search engine looks very unfavourably on websites that are deemed to do this. This is because it aims to give its users the very best experience at all times. So, even if your site’s breach has been unintentional, finding a solution is vital.

What is an unnatural link from your site?

Essentially, a link that Google deems to be spammy or part of a link building scheme is considered to be a bad one. Unfortunately, there are no black and white rules, and it often boils down to Google’s discretion.

There are some common issues that stand out more than others. If your website shares links with another site, it can result in a red flag. Even if the links aren’t reciprocated, this can be a problematic issue, especially if content could be deemed to be spammy. It’s possible that you regularly link to a site because you love its content rather than anything else. Sadly, if Google has any reason to doubt the authenticity of those organic outbound links, your site will be punished.

As such, spotting the potentially damaging material can be difficult for the inexperienced user, even when you know how to obtain those outbound links. This is why it’s probably best to leave it to the pros.

Lifting the Google penalty for links from your website

As far as getting a ban lifted is concerned, this is arguably one of the easier jobs for an experienced user. With our support, the cleaning up process can be completed quickly and efficiently. Moreover, we’ll complete the job to a standard that offers the best chance of having the Reconsideration Request accepted. This usually happens within a week.

To complete the process, we’ll need access to your CMS and Google Search Console. Furthermore, any key changes made to the website or coding will be highly useful. The job will include removing or changing those outbound links to leave your website looking natural once more. Updates may also be required for outdated or seemingly hidden content.

With the penalty lifted, your site will be back up the Google rankings in no time.

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