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Links play a vital role in a website’s search engine ranking, which is why Google naturally pays a lot of attention to them. As such, they are one of the most common sources of manual penalties. When checking your Google Search Console, a message in the ‘manual actions’ page about this subject can be daunting. Worse still, if the unnatural links are directed to your site (rather than from it), the damaging content isn’t even on your pages. Don’t panic; lifting the ban is still possible.

There are many reasons why Google doesn’t like unnatural links but ultimately relates to the fact they wish to provide the best user experience. If they’ve spotted anything to suggest that you’ve tried to abuse the system to influence their algorithm, a penalty will be slapped on your site. Of course, this can seem quite harsh as those links might not directly be anything to do with you. Either way, repairing the damage is key.

Why you don’t want to take the DIY approach.

In theory, it is possible to get the ban lifted by yourself. Moreover, removing those links to your site before having the website reviewed sounds like a relatively easy – albeit time-consuming – task. Unfortunately, though, making mistakes in this aspect could destroy other aspects of your SEO strategy. In turn, this will cause far more damage than good.

If you want to take the manual approach, you can download the list of links pointing to your site from the Google Search Console. Once this has been done, you must check each individual link to ensure that it doesn’t break Google’s guidelines. If the penalty is recent, it’s best to start with new links and work backwards. When you locate an unnatural link, you can contact the website owner to remove it from their site. Alternatively, the Disavow links tool enables you to do it from your end.

For those that have been part of a link building scheme, locating those issues won’t be too hard. For those that have suffered from organic links that are deemed to break the rules, it’s very difficult. Unless you happen to be an expert in the field, it’s likely that you will remove the wrong ones or leave the culprits untouched. Either way, your Google rank will suffer.

How can our experts help?

When you hire our experts to complete the recovery strategy, the fundamental approach is fairly similar. However, the experience and knowledge of what Google deems to be natural or unnatural ensure you get a far better solution. This enables us to complete the link cleanup far quicker and with increased accuracy.

The appearance of links can be influenced by a host of features such as the posting website’s authority and quality of content. To complete the job, we’ll need a list of any links you bought through SEO building schemes as well as the list of keywords you want to rank on. Meanwhile, access to the Google Search Console must extend to all versions of the site. Links to outdated incarnations can still result in penalties.

With our support, the website will be analysed as though through the eyes of Google. Once completed, we’ll submit a Reconsideration Request to Google. This should result in the penalty being lifted within the space of a week.

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