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When your website is hit with a manual penalty, it will be clearly shown in the Google Search Console. If you’ve checked the ‘manual actions’ report page to see a “User Generated Spam penalty” message, you may not be directly to blame. Instead, this indicates that the damage has been caused by content posted by your visitors. Unfortunately, it’s your website and business that will suffer the consequences, which is why a quick solution is vital.

It doesn’t matter whether your website has a guestbook, forum, or simply allows visitors to create a profile. Those pages can be the source of your problems. Google categorises those faults as ‘site-wide matches’ and ‘partial matches’ depending on how far they spread across the site. Whether a localised problem or something that impacts the entire domain, removing the penalty is the only way, you’ll get things back to their best.

The manual approach to getting rid of user generated spam penalties.

While it certainly isn’t advised for inexperienced users, it is possible to get the user generated spam penalty removed on your own. This may save you needing a removal service, although it can be a time consuming effort that may not always bring the desired results.

Firstly, you must verify the webmaster guidelines of Google on user generated spam. Following this, you’ll need to analyse your website and the way in which users can interact with various pages and elements. This list can include blog comments, user profile details, and many other elements. Meanwhile, it’s important to monitor user generated content to see whether posts have included advertising or off-topic links to third-party websites.

It’s also worth looking for commercial usernames and profile details. If a user is presented as the name of a company rather than a personal user, this can cause problems. Likewise, automatically generated profiles and spam posts must be identified. It may be possible to locate spam posts by typing “website: [your domain + keyword]” into Google’s search engine.

Cleaning up the website isn’t just about removing those harmful posts, though. You’ll also need to put preventative measures in place to ensure that future issues can be eradicated.

The professional approach to penalty removals.

Aside from being a time-consuming job, it’s also a difficult one to fully comprehend. After all, the fact that the damaging content has been posted by users rather than you raises a lot of questions.

Knowing whether a user profile or comment has been created with malicious intent isn’t always simple. On the one hand, you need to get rid of all bad content. On the other hand, though, you don’t want to start deleting profiles of genuine customers and users. Punishing those visitors will result in lost traffic and custom, which is the last thing any website owner needs. Our experts are here to take care of those matters to ensure balance is retained and your penalty is removed.

To complete the cleanup, we will need access to the Google Search Console as well as details for the site’s CMS. We’ll also need information regarding key changes to the website code. With these features, though, we can quickly identify and remove any malicious user content. We’ll also put those tools in place to help combat future problems.

Upon completion, the site will be sent to Google’s Reconsideration Request team. Decisions are usually made within one week. Assuming the news is positive, the penalty will be lifted, allowing your site to get back to its best with almost immediate effect.

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