The Undisputed Importance Of Mobile Compatibility For Remodeling Business Websites

by Ilya Moskovoy  - July 31, 2022

Today, in the modern mobile-driven reality, the Internet has largely been adjusted to meet the needs of mobile gadget users. Statistics demonstrate that roughly 80% out of all Internet use online predominantly comes from mobile device users, mostly smartphones and tablets. The times have changed, and greatly. And the days when all the use of web came from desktops or laptops are long gone by. The figure looks quite ample already, but it grows with increasing pace as smartphones are becoming more and more popular continuously. Life on the go dictates its new requirements. The demanded Internet speed rises, and the accessibility of websites needs to be reconsidered by their owners to satisfy the public and increase the business’s efficiency. In other words, it is high time now every website owner took decisive steps in the direction of optimized mobility for their web pages unless they want to lag behind or drop out of the competition. It can be complicated a task for many; however, there exists a wide variety of companies whose aim is to unburden you from sophisticated calculations and expensive failures on the way to make your website suitable for search engines and pleasant and convenient for the visitors to browse. In other words, user-friendliness is a crucial factor that must not be underestimated or overlooked today.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should take into consideration while setting your goals for the future development of your website. ‘Go mobile!’ is a motto you definitely need to take to reach success in your remodeling business.

If you have not heard yet, the Google company, a giant of Internet solutions and a dominator in the area of research engines, controls nearly 68% of the entirety of search engine traffic and roughly beyond 80% of the search done with the use of mobile appliances. Other world’s renowned companies in the field, such as Bing, demonstrate a highly similar tendency. The figures provide strong evidence that users of mobile devices are the major audience for targeting,  and the difference between them and desktop users should be taken into account and used as a basis for your web designers and marketing teams.

In a nutshell, the better your website can be browsed on a mobile device, the higher the chances are that Google search engines will rank you in the top lines of search results. And, vice versa, if your website is not mobile search ready, a dramatic loss in traffic amounts is to be expected, and soon enough. So we recommend you to take measures instantly.

Make Your Website Compatible With Google’s Free Tool, Google Webmasters

Your site’s ability to be mobile friendly and, at the same time, be capable of using Google Webmasters to test your website’s speed and responsiveness rates is vital for your business. Check all the pages of your website of the subject of their accordance with these requirements and make it entirely mobile-friendly to avoid missing out on an ample lump of the audience using smartphones and other mobile gadgets. 

Below, we provide you with four major traits that Google considers crucial in making reviews and ranking of pages and websites, each of these two separately:

  1. The text on your pages must be readable. Make sure that the letters of your text are large enough for a mobile user to see. Google checks your text on the subject and also examines the clearness of the text. The small screen of smartphones encompasses far less than those of computers, so this fat should be closely considered. Thus,  you will ensure that the textual content on your website is readable, and the reading process is convenient and pleasant for everyone. While some users have to zoom to see what is written, it might be a repulsive factor contributing to the loss of potential clients.
  2. Make The Design Responsive.  Your website will surely undergo testing on the part of Google, who wants to make sure that your site can automatically adjust to the certain device the visitor is using on the basis of detection the very type of the gadget.  The overall view, as well as the shape and size of tables and columns, and other elements that your website comprises, should be immediately adjusted to fit the screen of a mobile device. No matter how and where a potential buyer wants to access your web page, no matter the size and capacity of the device they will apply for the purpose, your website must look flawless to create a positive impression in the user’s eyes comfortable to browse. 
  3. Links Should Be Tap-able. The faulty and inconceivable grouping of links or their small size, which makes the link less likely to be tapped, is a problem of outdated websites that have not yet admitted the need to go mobile. The easier a link can be tapped, the more likely a user will do that. Make sure that you use enough space between the links to make browsing your website more intuitive for any user. Google will check this, too. Remember that most smart devices do not use Flash and other desktop-friendly software to avoid being rated by Google as mobile-unfriendly.
  4. Odd Software. Outdated software on your website is a direct way to get a penalty from Google. Make your site rank higher by avoiding such unpopular software as Flash. This rule will help you get more points on the way to the top rankings. Use only modern technologies to remain competitive and visible.

So what is important for your remodeling website rating?

Now, since you familiarised yourself with the key factors of website ranking, do your best to make it user-friendly, apply responsiveness and readability, take care of links, and have professionals to cover it all for you.

Our team of highly experienced web designers is there for you to make your site perfect for Google’s rankings. Should you wish to keep up with the competition and win, contact us, and we will meet all your project’s requirements! Call today!

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