Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising is simple in principle but challenging to execute effectively. There are many variables to consider. Which keywords do you target? Are you bidding enough to optimize exposure? Are your bids too high? There’s a steep learning curve, and mistakes can be costly.

That’s why it makes sense to partner with an expert marketing agency. We’ll work with you to develop campaigns that provide you with the leads you want. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Instead, we discuss your goals and needs thoroughly. We understand the remodeling business inside and out, but we want to learn about your business. Creating customized, practical plans, and hands-on management iswhat sets our agency apart.

We don’t settle for the crumbs that other markets lap up. We aim for conversion rates of 20% or more right out of the gate.

Our ProvenStrategies to Optimize Your Results

Ad Group Separation

Split testing is an effective method to see which elements of an adappeal to clients the most. We employthe same principle in the case ofkeywords. Each adfocuses on a separate target keyword. We even includeslight variations if necessary.

Most companies target as many keywords as possible. They’ll get more hits initially, but it’s difficult to determine which keywords are winners. We work this out early in the game and use that knowledge to create laser-focused campaigns.

By doing this, we’re able to achieve high conversion rates muchmore quicklythan our competitors.

Large Negative Keyword Lists

If you’ve ever used the Google Keyword Planner tool, you’ll notice it gives you many suggestions. While these suggestions relate to your keyword in some way, they’re not likely to bring in targeted traffic. We narrow the focus of campaigns by using large negative keyword lists.

That way, you’re not wasting money on clicks that don’t pay off.

Manual Optimization

Artificial intelligence is taking over many tedious tasks. Some marketers use it to optimize campaigns automatically. We prefer a personal touch. No software can measure up to years of marketing expertise.

AI is experienced in recognizing patterns. Only humans understand the emotions behind those patterns.


Our custom approach and intense customer focus allow us to create highly targeted ad campaigns. Our creative team excels in keepingyouradsfresh and appealing.

Careful Configuration and Settings

We analyze the data to ensure that your ads appear in the right places and at the optimal times for conversion.

Custom Landing Pages

Each keyword is different. Every adis carefully targeted. It therefore doesn’t make sense to use a generic landing page for all campaigns. That’s why every ad we build has a tailormade landing page.

We Use a Combination of Advertisingand Platform Types

The digital landscape is varied. No singlegeneric solution covers all your needs. We customize your plan, using several different platforms and types of advertising. We create each campaign using the method that makes the most sense for your business and goals.

Search Advertising

Google pay-per-click adsare the industry standard. For a guaranteed shot at the top spot in a Google search, there’s no better alternative.

We also provide search adsfor Bing and Yahoo. While these search engines don’t have the reach of Google, they’re gaining tractionin the United States. Advertising on them is less expensive and involvesless competition to rank.

We cut through the confusion, creating high-conversion campaigns.

Google Local

Qualified local leads are more valuable to you as a remodeler, butgetting a Google Local adapproved is difficult for those without the proper know-how. Competition is high because the click-through rate is high. We know a trick or two to help get your adright under the map in a local search.


We use a combination of Google and Facebook remarketing to get your adsin front of interested buyers. Remarketing is merely the process of serving adsto people who’ve visited a specific page on your site. The nature of those adsdepends on you.

You could show services the client searched for, relevant services, or link to content marketing to give more information. Together we’ll work on the right strategy for your needs.

Google Affinity Ads

Affinityadsare remarketing with a twist. Here you’re targeting people who’ve visited competitor sites or searched for services like yours. Consider this your secret weapon when you’re targeting high-value leads.

Social Media Marketing

We focus primarily on Facebook marketing, as it’s the most effective. We create highly targeted advertising for the area you serve. Our team further narrows the target audience to those interested in remodeling or renovation.

LinkedIn is another social media channel worth exploring. Businesspeople like yourself are less likely to waste theirtime. LinkedIn adsalso give you access to the lucrative commercial renovations market.

We’ll choose the channels most suitable for your services to get you maximum exposure. We’ll also help you manage those channels effectively to reinforce your brand.

Content Marketing

PPC marketing is a highly effective strategy for building traffic. If you wish to maintain that traffic, however, you need a different approach. Content marketing provides you with the consumer-centric content search engines crave.

We use case studies, tutorials, and informational content to placeyour brand front and center. Content marketing builds brand awareness and establishes you as a credible player.

Our team works with professional content creators to deliver polished content. We’ll create a publishing calendar that makes sense for your business. Your account manager decides on the best way to distribute your content for maximum effect. We’ll publish it, then promote it to ensure that it ranks well.

Speak to Our Team About Getting More Qualified Leads

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Our team is standing by to answer any questions about PPC advertising you may have.