Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the way we communicate and do business. If correctly managed, social media provides companies a way to engage their clients and generate leads. We offer full-service social media marketing for remodeling companiesto maximize your results.

Why Choose Social Media?

Many of your customers are on social media. Marketing on these platforms is usually more cost-effective than on search engines. It’s easier to create specific targets and get results.

Building a following on social media is also simple. Reaching out to those people once you’ve built your following is less so. Facebook’s algorithm makes it difficult to earn a place in your followers’ feeds.

While inconvenient, this is also a good thing. It means your clients’ feeds aren’t flooded with advertising and misaligned content. If you’re able to produce engaging content on a regular basis, you can beat the algorithm.

More importantly, however, you’ll position yourself as a valuable resource for your clients.

What is Engaging Content?

Engaging content is comprised of information, video, or images that your customers value. An article about the top three home improvements to add value is a good example. Such information is useful to your target audience.

What problem is your target audience looking to solve? What information do they need? Can you provide a simple solution for them? Base content creation around the needs of the reader first, and you’ll generally get it right.

Spend time creating exceptional content, and your followers will search your feed for more. They’ll check in often and be more likely to share your page. You’ll also establish yourself as an expert in your field and improve brand awareness.

Applying the 80/20 rule is always a good policy when creating content. Of the information you share, 80% should be valuable to your audience only 20% should be marketing-related.

If you don’t have time to create stellar content, speak to our team. We partner with professional writers to create valuable content your audience will appreciate. Use the content to drive traffic to your blog or to funnel leads along the buying journey.

Retargeting through Social Media Provides Useful Results

Retargeting is another useful marketing trick when correctly applied.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is simple, useful, and cost-effective. You start byplacing a nondescript piece of code, known as a “pixel,” on your website. You may put it on one page, several pages, or all pages. When someone visits that page on your website, the pixel is activated.

The retargeting pixel then follows the userfrom your website. Later on, when they log into Facebook, they’ll see advertisements for your services. It seems coincidental, but it reminds them of your brand.

Are There Different Retargeting Methods?

There are several ways you may retarget your clients. You may:

  • Target any client that lands on your website
  • Show them advertisements for your related services
  • Target specific clients according to demographics
  • Direct them to a blog post that follows on from the one they just read

Retargeting seems simple enough. It does, however, take some expertise to get the results you want. Putting advertisements in front of anyone that lands on your website might be wasteful. People may have landed on the page by accident or might not be in the right area.

Our team has the expertise to create highly effective retargeting campaigns.

Social Media is Perfect for Remodelers

Social media is an especially visual medium. A combination of content marketing, behind-the-scenes peeks, and big reveals can be highly effective. It’s simple to sneak in some solid marketing under the guise of giving advice.

You could, for example, give a case study of an outdoor kitchen that you revamped. You might create posts on choosing the perfect tiles and explain why the ones you used are ideal.

An article about seasonal design trends is all the more effective with pictures of you implementing them. Sneak peeks and quick tips on how to finish simple tasks build a relationship with potential clients.

Visitors to your site will find it interesting and see evidence of the quality of your work. The kicker? It won’t feel as though you’re selling them anything. Instead, they’ll see you as a caring contractor, providing them with valuable advice for free.

This is a direct and inexpensive way to build a loyal following while improving your brand image.

Social Media Gives You Information about Your Target Market

We’ve said enough about what you can give your followers. Now let’s look at what they give you in return. You’ll be able to define trends more easily by seeing which posts get the most engagement.

You’re able to ask directly for feedback. You might run competitions to get even more information. More importantly, you get to see what’s relevant to your target audience. By taking note of your followers’ interests and what they share, you gain insight into their lives.

This insight makes it easier to define the pain points they need to solve and adjust your service offerings accordingly.

How Many Social Media Accounts Should We Have?

The answer depends on how well managed they are. Correctly managing one page takes a fair amount of effort. Running several at once is challenging. It’s better to stick to the one where your target market is likely to be.

Facebook is the biggest social media site and is therefore an excellent place to start. LinkedIn is more business-focused and thereforevital for B2B businesses. YouTube and Pinterest offer reasonable investment returns. Instagram and Twitter have their uses for a remodeler as well.

Get Social Media Returns without the Hassle

Speak to our professional team today about creating your perfect social media strategy. You choose how hands-on you want to be. We take care of everything, giving you more room to focus on your business. If you have more time to work with, we’ll hand you the strategy so you can run with it.

Get in touch today to learn more about our social media marketing packages, custom-tailored for your company.