Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency in Europe? Under NDA. It is huge and heavy task to get great rankings in a highly competitive market in some big European country. But it is still doable if we pull the right strings to achieve awesome results. Content marketing campaign designed for client is including high-quality infographics and travel blog outreach. Before we started massive content marketing campaign which took us about 8 months to deliver great results our team is performed complete technical audit for client’s digital asset to identify all tech issues that must be resolved inorder to rank higher. Next step was to perform complete backlink audit you can read about it in this case study.

Construction Company

Remodeling contractor in one of the biggest California cities? It is doable as well, available for traffic generation as well. Mastering website content quality and dealing with all technical issues that were detected with our crawlers opens an opportunity to grow in a highly competitive landscape. Smart move is to collect all suburbs and locations around specific business and include optimization for these locations into marketing strategy.

eCommerce Store

Effective marketing campaign for eCommerce store of fashion clothes. Under NDA. Enormous number of technical issues on 120000 pages website. After completion of technical audit we turned on implementation for better tune of search results representation. Massive improvements on internal linking structure revealed new plateau of organic presense for this ecommerce brand which is finally resulted in increasing number of online transactions. Want + ~10-15% additional conversions to your ecommerce website? add Buy before product name on product page and Online after product name, then force to index it.. Easy.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography in Europe? Well designed website is allowing to attract more visitors. External publications in wedding magazines and on various local authorities helped business to grow fast as main brand were becoming more popular. In our marketing strategy we also utilized Facebook Ads channel to drive laser-targeted visitors from social vector.

Russian Restaurant

Russian restaurant marketing in US ? Easy gain. IMPromo team has designed masterpeice website for restaurant client. Market research highlights helped us to drive marketing chanells in right way. Main channels are Google and Facebook Ads. Read more about our success in this case study below.In order to successfully outrank competition we applied our knowledge and technologies for this project.



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