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by Ilya Moskovoy  - March 12, 2023

All your colleagues in the remodeling business start their conversations with us by asking the same question: How can I achieve more leads of better quality?

If you ever wondered about this question, you are on the right way, because we are here to provide you with s detailed answer to satisfy your curiosity. Remodeling works require ample resources and investment and, and it can be hard for a business owner in this sphere to obtain a continuous influx of new good leads. They are crucial for the development of your business as water is for a tree to keep growing and expanding, and sprout stable roots into the soil. Even a single lead can bring you several thousand dollars, so the importance of each of them is hard to underestimate.

As the answer to your inquiry, we provide you with simple-to-follow strategies described in full detail below.

The strategies have proven their reliability many a time. Some results of the business owners who followed our guidelines are fairly miraculous: one of our clients increased the number of leads on his website by 486%. The person is a kitchen designer. Another businessman, a custom home remodeler, reached the heights of 163% in lead increase back in 2019, the result which can be boasted in 2020. We highly suggest you reading this article to update your knowledge on the subject of advanced techniques that will bring you a lot of new leads and, thereby, more job requests for your company. Simple and clear as they are, the strategies will ensure the best result for your business by the end of the year!

Before diving into the finest details, let us consider three simple steps that one needs to follow to get more leads.

First off, get found easily, for this is an essential factor to consider. A business owner should take preliminary steps to meet a customer half-way and make him or her follow in the direction you choose for them. Pursuing the goal to simplify a client’s journey, make your website found as easily as possible. The achievement of this aim is as far from you as setting a  pay-for-click advertising campaign or using organic search.

Secondly, once you are easily discovered, make your potentials want to consider your services seriously by getting noticed. This step is included in a customer’s ‘consideration’ phase of the experience. Make sure to be as different from your rivals as possible, create your website that will stand out considerably and stick into the memory of your customers for good.  Conduct research on the subject of your potential’s preferences, find out the places they favor, links they click, profiles of the companies they check out, etc. Once you have seen it all, make sure your website looks like none of them. These measures will promote your customer’s interest and will enable you to make them your leads afterward.

The Journey Of A Modern Online Customer

As we mentioned before, on the way to acquire more leads in the remodeling business, one needs to press on being easily found and, then, noticed. These two are the maxims of a modern business owner who would like to develop and expand online.

There are companies that throw in all their capacity, focusing on the search engine rankings, entirely forgetting about modern web design and UX. For such, the second stage, namely, getting noticed, is unreachable.  There are also absolute opposites.  In both cases, the strategy seems to be limping on one leg and unable to withstand the modern era’s demands. To craft an ideal marketing path in 2020 successfully, one should cover both the issues.

Six Ultimate Ways To Acquire More Leads And Remodeling Job Offers

  1. Your website must be SEO and UX-Optimized To Generate More Leads.

Search Engine Optimization is essential to establish perfect advertising.  Rank first among hundreds of thousands of search results with an appropriate SEO strategy.

In 2020, SEO means a lot more than just keywords, headers, and title tags. In truth, there are around 200 factors one should keep in mind. To simplify your search, we have listed out the essential, in our view, points you can focus on.

  • Remember about security (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
  • Make it mobile-friendly
  • Enhance page speed
  • Ensure schema markup
  • Assess content quality
  • Mind content length
  • Use social and local targeting
  • Increase backlinks quality
  • Optimize images
  • Mind the age of the domain
  • Boost UX
  • Motivate search intent

It is impossible to apply dirty-SEO strategies to manipulate search results, by overwhelming amounts of keywords, for example. This is a disadvantageous strategy.

  • You should be a resource. Upload detailed descriptions of the services you provide or make a gallery of your previous jobs to be demonstrative and educative for the customers.
  • Take care that the images used as your content are of the highest quality possible.  Almost nothing can compare with the effect of images in terms of a comprehensive demonstration of the actual results of your work.
  • Do not skip important details. Mention unique, specific things the reader might find valuable, such as reviews of real customers, long-read stories about a successful job. Pay attention to your customer service.
  • Conversions require optimizing. This may seem too simplistic a recommendation, and also an obvious one. Be sure a contact form is on your site.

Use SEO to the full extent to generate new leads.

  • Start a PPC Campaign. Use Pro Assistance

Cooperate with those agencies that have PPC expertise.  Make sure that the ownership of the Google Ads account belongs to you. Embrace efficiency, diligence, and be careful with details.

  • Leverage The Online Reviews

Reviews, as any word-of-mouth kind of promotion, is essential and highly-effective. Let your customers leave comments on your work to entice new leads.

  • Embrace Stable Email Marketing

Email marketing stats are astounding; check them out to assure yourself of the importance of employing this technique.

  • Smarten Your Blog

With search intent in mind, choose specific keywords and phrases, make them long and unique, and use them to increase leads, avoiding unwanted traffic for your site. Keep tabs on the stats and be flexible.

  • Be Active On Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz

Social media is the key to success in digital marketing. Do not miss out.

Avoid Dead Leads and do not buy them from fraudulent generating sites.

Use professionals to achieve your goals in leads generating. Contact our company to learn further how’s and why’s. Do not hesitate, and we will assist you in your quest after volumes of new leads. Call or drop us a line.

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