Construction Company Local SEO

Construction Company

Remodeling contractor in one of the biggest California cities? Easy! 

Mastering website content quality and dealing with all technical issues that were detected with our crawlers opens an opportunity to grow in a highly competitive landscape. 

Smart move is to collect all suburbs and locations around specific business and include optimization for these locations into marketing strategy.

Local Reputation

In additional to Google and Bing, Yelp, Yellow pages and rarely Facebook are the places where client business in remodeling niche can generate some leads. Listings on these services must be content rich and filled with all  details, over time it will increase number or monthly referral traffic from these sources. It is highly important to have a system to collect customer feedback.

Local SEO Advantage

> A well-designed marketing campaign is including activities and publication at all possible local sources like newspapers, local directories, bloggers, websites, specific websites where competition is. 

> Collecting all of these over time gave our client website a massive boost which is resulted in organic traffic growth and an increase in the number of online inquiries.

> IMPromo team even met negative SEO attacks in this area which is probably coming from the competition. As a result – our team is delivered 3.5x organic traffic growth in 9 months.

Our team delivered  in 8 months 3.5x organic traffic increase.