Effective And Understandable Marketing Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling Business

by Ilya Moskovoy  - February 10, 2023

Today, the market in the kitchen remodeling business is oversaturated; there are many proposals, and it is easy to get lost in them. For small businesses or individual entrepreneurs, marketing such a business can be challenging. In addition to the fact that orders must be completed on time and meet all customer requirements, you also need to attract the attention of potential customers to your projects and search for kitchen remodeling leads. You must be visible and not get lost among other professionals. Make sure that customers come back to you again and again. It’s not always possible to combine active work on projects and active promotion of your business. This is why simple, affordable, and effective marketing strategies are important. Fortunately, with quality marketing back, you can ensure yourself a constant and stable stream of new orders and customers. There are four main effective marketing strategies for the successful development of a kitchen remodeling business, and we will tell all about them.

1. Focus on Important Points

Focus on IMPROMO for better results and not to dissipate your efforts. It will also allow you to track your progress. Pay attention to local advertisements. In addition to word of mouth, try to hang out advertisements around the city. Explore the city to see where your ad will get the most attention. This will give you more kitchen remodeling leads, and more customers. Potential customers need to know that the master is nearby and knows their area. This gives a guarantee of quick and well-coordinated work. Therefore, it is advisable to approach the selection of the place for your advertising responsibly. Try to use the services of online marketing agencies, but be careful when choosing an agency. Please contact only trusted companies. For marketing in services such as kitchen remodeling, it’s important to identify your strengths. Make it clear to your customers that you are the best of the best in the kitchen remodeling industry.

2.  Have Multiple Marketing Channels

Your marketing should be varied, even though you are focused on one task. The more chances potential customers have to spot you, and the more kitchen remodeling leads you have. Moreover, it gives you an edge over other professionals in the field. Statistically, half of the craftsmen in the field of kitchen remodeling use several platforms at once to promote their services and showcase ready-made projects. For marketing, you can use your website or popular platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Pinterest, for example, is one of the most popular marketing platforms for the kitchen remodeling business. Here you can show examples of your existing work, create mood boards, look for references and inspiration for upcoming projects. You can keep your photoblog, publish photos of completed work, and projects of upcoming orders on Instagram. It is convenient to keep in touch with customers on this platform. You can answer their questions in the comments or direct messages. Even on Instagram, you can create a hashtag by which it will be easy to find you.

3. Remember The Importance of Visual Content

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, customers tend to pay a lot of attention to visual content. It is important for people that the result looks exactly as they planned. There are even several TV networks that specialize exclusively in kitchen remodeling content. You can blog about your business photo or video. If you are concentrating on a photoblog, do not forget about interesting and informative descriptions under the photo. Reading an interesting text about any of your projects, a potential customer will learn about your professionalism. Better, of course, to supplement your blog with short videos or keep a video blog. Show the process of kitchen remodeling, from the planning and renovation phase to the final result. Customers want to see how responsibly you approach the project. It is better to make videos no longer than 2-3 minutes. They should be moderately funny, but at the same time, well done. Image quality is also very important. No one will be interested or pleased to look at a blurry image of poor quality or shaky video. A blog with high-quality visual content will help you get more kitchen remodeling leads, build a customer base, and draw attention to your work.

4. Create Long-term Customer Relationships

You are missing out on a lot if you don’t keep in touch with your existing customer base. Sure, your former clients are not always ready for new orders. But they know those who would like to contact you for kitchen remodeling. You can send them a postcard by mail or email. A good strategy is to send them new great deals and talk about your new projects. Also, you can send them tutorials and videos with interesting options for kitchen remodeling. Try not to overload people with spam. Of course, you need to strive to ensure that they do not forget about you and turn to you again and again, and also advise your friends. But being too annoying is also not entirely correct. Send your former clients really useful and interesting information.


To be noticed by as many potential customers as possible, combine all four IMPROMO types.

Don’t waste time and money on useless ads from unverified ad agencies. Find your target audience and find out what kind of advertising you can attract them with. Focus on your strengths to not only create an impression of professionalism but also correspond with that status.

Have multiple marketing strategies, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to attract more customers and customers. Remember to draw as much attention to yourself as possible. It is important to attract the attention of potential customers.

Don’t forget about visual content. Make it high quality and interesting. Keep a photo or video blog, write texts, and shoot tutorials.

Last but not least, don’t forget that you already have a database of past customers ready. Keep in touch with them, remind them of yourself, and offer them new interesting projects.

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