Six Easy Ways To Get More Lead In Remodeling Business

by Ilya Moskovoy  - November 8, 2022

Getting a lot of leads is the key to success in the kitchen remodeling business.

Before diving into six ways to generate leads, it’s suggested to consider a basic three-step customer acquisition strategy.

The first step is to be found easily. You should be visible in the search engine results. To do this, if necessary, you can use the services of paid advertising. At this stage, you inform the potential customer about your existence, but this does not guarantee they will make a purchase.

The next step is to get noticed. To get noticed, you need to somehow stand out from other search engine results. The customer should be interested enough in your proposal to look closely at you.

The last step is to take up the job. The previous two options will keep the customer interested in your proposal, which will help you get the job.

The First Way: Optimize Your Website For SEO and User Experience

Your site should be easy to find, for that you need to set up your SEO. This can be done using search ranking signals,  such as secured sites (HTTPS vs. HTTP), mobile-friendliness, page speed, scheme markup, webpage content quality, webpage content length, and much more.

At the same time, you need to have ample resources, have a collection of quality photographs and references, notice important details, and optimize feedback.

But that is not all. The user should be intuitive about the functionality of the site. This is very important in order not to lose potential customers.

The Second Way: Start a PPC Campaign With a Professional

To achieve great results from a PPC campaign, you need to contact an agency that specializes in this type of promotion. Approach the choice of an agency responsibly and attentively to get as many potential customers as possible and not waste your money.

The Third Way: Increase Leads By Your Online Reviews

The majority of customers pay huge attention to what people say about the company, as well as what the company says about itself. This is why a large number of positive reviews about your work will increase your chances of getting more leads.

The Fourth Way: Be Strategic With Email Marketing

Properly functioning email marketing is the key to a successful business. Statistics show that of all marketing messages, the largest response is shown in emails. Their use works even better than social media marketing.

It is important to do this responsibly: make your emails clear and accessible, it is also important that the site is mobile-friendly, touches on important topics, and do not forget to get a list of email addresses of your leads-to-be.

A large number of customers with whom you keep in touch by email gives you more positive reviews.

The Fifth Way: Make Your Blog Work For You

Blogging is one of the most popular digital marketing methods.  However, blogging can often be misused.

To successfully attract customers, your blog should be composed of qualified traffic and leads.  Sometimes entrepreneurs focus on one thing while forgetting about another.

We advise you to use keywords in your blog that will give you more leads.  But choose your keywords responsibly.  Do not use overly popular options to avoid getting lost in a large number of search engine results.  It is important not to make keywords too unique; they should have a search volume. Try something like “kitchen remodeling on a budget” or “kitchen remodeling ideas in a small apartment”.

Track your internet marketing results.  This is a stage that many people miss, but it is the key to successful internet marketing. You need to understand what is giving you more leads to use these strategies again.

The Sixth Way: Be Active On Houzz, Pinterest, and Instagram

One of the best strategies for getting more kitchen remodeling leads is to have an active account on one of these platforms.  Create mood boards, collections, and share images and videos your best works and satisfied clients to attract the attention and interest of potential customers.


Houzz is one of the most popular platforms for displaying photographs of your work.  That is why it is a good way to be visible and attract attention.  Also, Houzz’s functionality allows you to be in touch with customers during the conclusion of the transaction and order.  On Houzz, you can post high-res photos of your best work, follow other professionals, and create idea books.


Pinterest is one of the most famous, popular, and used visual platforms.  It is the perfect social network to create collections of your work and references for upcoming orders.

Pinterest is popular in the kitchen remodeling business because, in addition to the already listed functionality, it is a convenient platform for finding inspiration and new ideas.  Create your selections to visualize your ideas.


Like Pinterest, Instagram is a photo and video-driven social network.  Here you can use your hashtags to make your work easy to find.  And also follow the hashtags of other professionals to get acquainted with their work.  Instagram users often recommend interesting accounts to each other.  Here you can also blog and chat with potential customers. A convenient platform for the kitchen remodeling business, which has gathered all the necessary functionality, room for creativity, and development.

Avoid Lead Generation Companies

An important rule for those who do not want to waste their time and money is to avoid lead generation companies.  Your cooperation with such companies will result in unreasonable investment and insufficient generation of leads. In such companies, you cannot track the quality and quantity of your leads.  As one more disadvantage of turning to such services, you will not be able to establish long-term and reliable relationships with customers.

Summing up, we can say that for you to have a lot of leads on your website, you need to do the following: attract attention, always be in sight, use proven platforms, do not trust incompetent companies, stay alert, keep in touch with customers, and try to engage in a long-term relationship with them.

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